Sunday, July 25, 2010


It starts with a book. Once I've decided to do something I've never done before and have no idea how to do it I read, I scan, I scour. I do this just enough to build a small amount of trust with a few experts and enough knowledge to make my own mistakes. So began my garden.
I left Sudan one year ago deeply frustrated that there is so little food produced locally in a historically agricultural society with little economic opportunity, where children die of malnutrition as their parents scramble to receive food aid and afford expensive imported produce. Why can't they grow more food? Why can't I?

So I grew my own food this year. I did my best to use what I had in front of me. I used my own compost to enrich the soil in my backyard plot, collected water from the roof when I thought about it, and became known as the biggest weirdo among friends and acquaintances by collecting my own (and sometimes Seth's) urine to fertilize my little seedlings. That's right I said urine - and I would do it again.
6 months after I began this little venture I am proud to report I grew a significant amount of our food! Well, that is if we ate Kale 3x's a day. In theory our grocery bill has been significantly slashed. Too bad I'm a spoiled foodie with a ridiculous palette that demands culinary diversity.
So what I'm trying to say is come by and get some Kale.

Here's my favorite recipe:
A lot of Kale
Olive oil, Onion, Garlic
Ground cumin, coriander, fennel, any other Indian spices you find in your cabinet
Butter, cream (milk or yogurt)
Directions: Play around in the wok till it tastes good

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  1. Amazing gardening...terrible recipe writing skills :) I can't wait to hear of gardening stories from Sudan.